Enjoy A Video Flyover of Riverwood Golf Club

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A pleasant walk through the woods to start out. A shot to a wide, tree lined landing area from an elevated tee will set up a good score, unless your next shot strays into the big trap to the right of the green.


A tee shot beside a big, pretty lake. The fairway is very wide and inviting, unless you get behind the two big trees on the right edge. You see the river as you walk onto the elevated green.


The elevated tee provides members with the best view of the lake, but also of the large, deep trap along the right side of the fairway. This is a modest-sized Par 5 which requires thoughtful placement instead of strength and length. Very playable, but still capable of resulting in a high score if you get off line.


There are two ways to play this hole-straight over a little palmetto patch or past the trees on the left to a open, elevated fairway. The second shot is played onto a green that wraps around the bunker on the right.


A short, picturesque Par 3 with a tee shot to a big, oblong green with a hump in the middle. Placement of the tee shot will result in a good putting situation-or a real challenge to complete the hole in three. Less than 100 yards from the front tees-but don't forget the hump in the green.


This hole requires some thinking on the tee shot to avoid straying into the lake along the left or the trees along the right. Then it's a test of positioning to play around the large hump which stands in front of the huge jellybean-shaped green. A unique but achieveable shot-making challenge.


A long Par 3, hitting out of a chute of tall pines to a green lying next to a lake. A testy shot to go for the pin, but a lot of room to bail out and come in safe from the left side.


The toughest hole on the front side. A long Par 4 requiring a tee shot past big pine trees and a second shot over a little creek crossing the fairway to a green set next to a lateral lake. This hole is set up for a satisfying bogey or a gusty and memorable par. There's a real advantage from the front tees on this one.


A tree lined, moderate Par 5 which looks tighter than it is. A nice way to finish up the front nine by hitting three straight shots to a pretty, plateaued green. But, if you try to get on or close in two, you'd better be on target.


A pleasant start on the back side. A wide landing area for your tee shot with a short iron into the green. Water will catch any stray dirves to the right and you need to avoid a large bunker to the right of the green.


The two keys to playing this dogleg are an accurate drive and then proper club selection to a large green. Well-placed shots will give you a birdie opportunity but stay away from the pines and water guarding the right side of the fairway.


This is a monster, one of the most challenging holes on the back nine. From an elevated tee, you'll see a large lake that can worry you on both the drive and the second shot. With green and flag hidden from the tee, par is a good score on this hole.


A very pretty, short Par 3. Guarded by water at the left front of the green, you may have to carry the hazard, depending on the pin position, to get on in one. The large pearshaped green falls away from the water and could present some interesting putting situations.


The complexion of the course changes as you play this hole, with marsh and wetland bordering the fairway for the fist time. A short Par 4 with pines and palmettos paralleling the left side. The large landing area is guarded by two bunkers but a well-placed drive will allow a good shot onto the green.


A  picturesque hole with a pretty marsh directly in front of the tee. A large landing area helps avoid the water and marsh on the left side, but the small green is guarded by a big sand trap.


A hole entirely surrounded by marsh and a natural preserve area. Depending on the direction of the wind, this could be the most demanding Par 3 on the course. You'll be happy with par!


An interesting strategy hole, requiring a blend of good planning and good shot making. Marsh borders the left side and it will be a true test of courage to decide to go for the green in two, with marsh in front of the green as well. But, two smart shots will set you up for a short pitch to the green and an opportunity for birdie or par.


A nice finish on one of the longest Par 4's on the course, leading from the marsh back into the pines. A solid drive avoiding the long waste bunker on the right will set up a long to medium iron to a big, inviting green. A very pretty, playable hole allowing a finish with a gratifying score.