Saving Lives One Screening at a Time

Since 2012, Project Detect has raised over $418,000 supporting our mission to finance early detection screening for uninsured and underinsured adults in Charlotte County, Florida

Throughout the year we sponsor several fundraising events: The Neighborhood Giving Campaign, Golf Tournament, and Feet Accross Riverwood 5K Run/Walk.

Through the generosity of our charitable sponsors, the Riverwood Community, and your participation in our events, Project Detect can accomplish our goals and help make a differnce in the lives of others.

Please continue to support Project Detect.


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The Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Clinic (VBA) continues to be grateful to the Project Detect Board of Directors for the 2020 funding awarded in the amount of $40,000.  This funding is designated for VBA patients to receive critical screening mammograms and diagnostics for breast cancer and other cancer screenings.

From October 2019 to May 2020 the total of patients served due to the generous support of Project Detect Board of Directors.


* 205 Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms Ordered
* 110 Diagnostic Services for Other Cancers

Pathology and screening services were funded by Project Detect.  All of the patients received treatment through the established VBA In-Kind Community Medical Partnerships.

The greatest need for cancer detection this past year was with the availability to provide pathology services and specialty diagnostics to the VBA patient for the diagnostics of other cancers.

Through early detection and screening we have helped save patients from further extensive treatments and have saved lives.  There is no doubt that the need continues for the uninsured in Charlotte County.

The Project Detect Board members want to thank all of you again for your previous donations to Project Detect and hope that you will be willing to support us again this year.